Is Gray A Long-Term Option?

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Is Gray A Long-Term Option?

Kitchen design trends, on average, tend to last 10 years before declining in popularity, but a white kitchen remains timeless.

No worries here when selecting white cabinetry, but what about gray?

Lately, gray cabinets seem to be as popular as white.

Gray is everywhere! The color has been a favorite of designers for quite some time. In fact, the 2011 cover of the Houzz catalog is all done in gray. Gray is an upscale and very elegant color that exudes sophistication. It is an extremely versatile neutral that lends itself to the old world, traditional, and contemporary designs.

White is a straightforward color, but all grays are not created equal. The red, yellow and blue undertones in the many, many, many (yes, at least 50) shades of gray really do impact the “feel” of the color.

Any kitchen space will look stunning in white, but the tone of gray you select for cabinetry is definitely more space specific. In smaller rooms or those with few windows, dark gray cabinets will absorb the light. This would be the time to go with a lighter shade, to add some brightness to the kitchen. If you are leaning toward gray cabinets, and not sure whether you need a warm, or cool shade, contact us. We can let you borrow some finish samples to test in your space.

A renovation is expensive. When it comes to investing in a remodeling project, it is wise to choose a palette that has longevity and will keep your kitchen looking up to date for many years.  Gray is everywhere right now, but what about 10 years from now? Is gray a new white? We think, maybe so.

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