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Light makes vision possible, we all know this is true;

But when it comes to uses for task lighting, folks just have not got a clue.

You really have several options: pucks, tape, rope, or strips;

We hope this rhyme will help you, as we offer up some tips.

You can retrofit a cabinet with lights that shine below;

Or hide some in a corner to help your houseplants grow.

Accent lights will highlight features, like a mantle or ceiling cove;

And they chase away the shadows that can linger on your stove.

Task lighting in a kitchen is inexpensive, practical, and wise;

Who knows, they may be helpful, so try some out for size.

These lights will work great anywhere: walls, ceilings, doors or floor;

Just imagine the benefits of placing them in a drawer.

You can make a walk-in closet look like a stylish boutique;

Outline each shelf with lighting strips for a look that’s chic and sleek.

Let’s not forget the patio, or deck, or garden wall;

Keep these areas illuminated so folks won’t slip and fall.

Enhance your bathroom’s functionality with water-resistant lights;

You’ll see much better shaving, and you’ll get that makeup right.

Put lights around your headboard if you like to read in bed;

Check out this great example and you’ll be a step ahead.

Ok, now that we have gotten that out of our system; on a serious note, task lighting is versatile, relatively inexpensive, and on point when it comes to showcasing the architectural features of your home. One can have too much furniture in a room, but never too much ambient lighting.

Stop by our showroom the next time you are in the area, we have lots of great ideas on how to add style and panache to your home. We would love to meet you.

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