The What, When, Where and Why of Corbels and Brackets

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The What, When, Where and Why of Corbels and Brackets

Corbels and brackets are, basically, decorative architectural pieces that support or enhance another object.

While we are usually all about the importance of adding items that totally renovate a room, or add functionality to a space, in this case we call attention to the importance of small details. Just as jewelry adds pizazz to a basic outfit, embellishing the existing structural elements of your home with budget friendly adornments, like  corbels, adds character. What you get is a huge impact for a minimal investment.

Make a statement and express your personal style by strategically incorporating decorative corbels and brackets into your overall room design. Framing a window, beneath a range hood, supporting an open shelf or flanking a doorway, these design elements are suitable for every decorating style.

Today’s kitchens are prime real estate for utilizing corbels.

  • Supporting the overhang on islands and peninsulas. (position chairs or stools under the countertop before deciding on the placement of the brackets)
  • On either side of a wall of cabinetry
  • Under a built in desk top
  • Placed as bookends on an open shelf

When placed under a cabinet or counter, corbels give the illusion of support, adding to the visual impact of the structure. Let your imagination run rampant and visualize a mantel, library table or entryway surrounded by iconic, classic sophistication.

Available in a variety of sizes and materials, decorative and supportive brackets give homeowners quite a bang for their buck.

The dimensions of your space, and the application itself determines the correct size corbel. Contact us for help in choosing the perfect accent pieces.

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