Three Steps to Declutter Your Kitchen Worktops

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Three Steps to Declutter Your Kitchen Worktops

Kitchens are the heart of the home and now more than ever they can be both beautiful and functional.

But, if you are struggling with too much clutter on your counter-tops, here are three steps to declutter your kitchen worktops

take them from an unorganized nightmare to your perfect dream kitchen.

  1. Evaluate your small appliances: Every day some new and improved small appliance appears on the market. Many of these appliances take up precious worktop space while only serving one specific purpose.  Take time to evaluate, reduce and consolidate by selecting appliances that provide multiple uses for a variety of needs.
  2. Plan ahead: Make a list of what you use your kitchen for. Do you cook at home or eat out? Do you want a coffee station or an indoor grill? Using the list, think about specific needs to allow you to use your kitchen efficiently. Then plan your custom cabinets to give you space to store the tools, utensils, and appliances that best fit your needs. Having a designated storage place for everything allows you to keep your workspace free of clutter.
  3. Get creative: The beauty of custom cabinets is that it allows you to look at innovative new options for storing frequently used items at your fingertips. Consider corner shelving units and tambour doors to hide items from sight while still making them easy to access.  This is especially good if the object is heavy and hard to move in and out of a traditional cabinet space. Love coffee or baking? Install a built-in coffee machine in your kitchen cabinet design. Or create a separate baking station with a pull out mixer drawer, flour storage and a dropped-down counter section for kneading and rolling dough. It’s your kitchen! Make it reflect you and your cooking style and needs.

And don’t forget beauty. Today’s kitchens balance high-efficient use-of-space coupled with stunning colors and materials. There is a style and design perfect for your dream kitchen. Clear away that clutter and enjoy the potential of your beautiful kitchen space. 

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